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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hillhouse Cemetery, Lawrence County, Arkansas

I found this on HIllhouses in Arkansas:

Hillhouse Cemetery, Lawrence County, Arkansas: "Hillhouse Cemetery, Lawrence County, Arkansas
Released 05 December 2002
Cemeteries of the Western District of Lawrence County, Arkansas

Birth Date on Left, Death Date on Right

(3 Unmarked Graves)

1887 Shelby K. Baker 1957
1884 Floyd Hillhouse
1940 Grace Douglas 1940
1931 Jean May Douglas
1884 Clarence A. Clark
1898 John L. Bilbrey
1861 Denton L. Bilbrey
1885 Anthony Bilbrey
1898 Mary Bilbrey
1867 Susan H. Bilbrey
1885 Grover Bilbrey
1887 Maxie Bilbrey"


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