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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guide Introduction: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations–Series J:

Here is some very interesting information on the Hillhouse line in Georgia. I know that they also migrated to Northeast Florida"

Guide Introduction: Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations–Series J:: "Alexander and Hillhouse Family Papers, 1758-1915,
Liberty County, Georgia; also Connecticut and Massachusetts
Description of the Collection
Adam Alexander (1758-1812), a Scottish physician, emigrated to Liberty County, Georgia, in 1776. There he acquired land and married Louisa Frederika Schmidt (1777-1846). The Alexanders' son, Adam Leopold (1803-1882), graduated from Yale and became a successful planter in Washington, Wilkes County, Georgia.
David Hillhouse (1756-1804) of Connecticut married Sarah Porter of Massachusetts and settled in Georgia in 1787. His daughter, Sarah Hillhouse (1782-1808) married Felix H. Gilbert in 1804.
The Alexander and Hillhouse families were united in 1823, when Adam Leopold Alexander married Felix H. Gilbert's daughter, Sarah Hillhouse Gilbert (1805-1855). This collection documents the Alexander and Hillhouse families and is divided into two distinct subcollections.
Papers consist of extensive family and personal correspondence, business correspondence, plantation accounts, physician's accounts, estate papers, travel journals, and genealogical materials. They document the family, political, and religious life in Washington and Savannah, Georgia, and in Connecticut and New York.
The Alexander correspondence focuses mostly on family and religion, though some information appears on business dealings. Sarah Alexander's correspondence illuminates the relationship between Northern and Southern women and documents the lives of friends and family in Georgia, Connecticut, and New York. Educated in New Haven, she maintained ties with friends and relatives who remained there, many of whom participated actively in New Haven's religious lif"


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